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LoRa ERS lite is a LoRaWAN  room sensor for measuring indoor environment.

The radio transmission is based on LoRaTM, a long range technology with a frequency of 868MHz or 915MHz.

LoRa ERS lite is enclosed in an room sensor box and it is designed to be wall mounted. Inside the ERS lite you will find two internal sensors: temperature sensor and humidity sensor.

All our sensors are built on the LoRaWAN stack from Semtech. Channel planes for US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928, KR920-923.


Technical Features


ISM BandsUS902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928, KR920-923
ModulationLoRaTM  Alliance Certified
PoE10 Years of battery life, 1 x 3.6V AA lithium battery
Accurancy± 0.5°C, ±2%rh
Dimensions86 x 86 x 26 mm
Resolution0.1°C, 0.1%rh
Approx. range8 Km

ResIOT Fully Preconfigured Model Uplink/Downlink

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