ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server Carrier-Grade Edition

ResIOT® Carrier-Grade system is engineered to meet extreme high availability standards. It is designed to create carrier-grade networks based on software components able to manage scalable network infrastructure without any limit and with easy multiple user configuration.

ResIOT® Carrier-Grade suite

ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Carrier-Grade/Orchestrator/Infrastructure Server
ResIOT® Merlin IoT Box Carrier-Grade Edition (for gateways/base stations)
ResIOT® GW Remote Access Server
ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server Carrier-Grade
ResIOT® IoT Platform Carrier-Grade Edition

Extremely High Availability & Scalability

Create reliable network infrastructures scalable without limits for the number of base stations/gateways or devices. Centralized configuration of the entire network
Simplified remote access to gateways / base stations without the use of VPN with centralized and automatic functions for updating firmware or other operations

Automate all phases of network monitoring with continuous self-diagnosis and alert systems. Fully configurable monitoring rules thanks to LUA script based on events or data. Data retention management system to not miss any radio packets

Multi tenant management with orchestration of multiple Network Servers to manage workloads and isolate any problems

On-premise or Cloud. We can offer fully managed solutions

Advanced statistics to identify all communication problems such as lost uplinks, unsent downlinks. Keep track and analyze all radio communication (Downlinks and Uplinks, Radio Channels, Duty Cycle Time-to-air, Access all Raw data)

Profiles, Downlink rules to avoid saturating gateways in compliance with duty-cycle limits

Export data to billing systems with REST API support, Complete management with REST API

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