ResIOT® LoRa® & mioty® Hybrid Server

ResIOT® LoRa® & mioty® Hybrid Server

Do you already know our LoRa® & mioty® Hybrid Server?
Thanks to ResIOT® you can now configure all your LoRa® network and your mioty® network on a single platform. The ResIOT® Hybrid Server integrates the existing LoRaWAN Network Server with the new mioty® Service Center that is already fully configurable and ready to be used.
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ResIOT Hybrid Server

What is LoRaWAN®?

LoRaWAN® (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a protocol developed by the LoRa Alliance. The peculiarity of this new protocol is the efficiency; because LoRaWAN® has the minimal power consumption, long range of communication (up to 15km in rural areas) and secure data transmission (with AES-128 encryption). The range of communication is around 2km in dense urban area, up to 15km in the rural areas and is influenced by the position of the end device and of the gateway, if the gateway is mounted in an high place the cover will be major than if is mounted in a low place.

LoRaWAN® is part of a bigger category of technologies named LPWAN, that stands for Low Power Wide Area Network, this technology was born for the necessity of sending and receiving messages from sensor that operate on battery, using the smallest amount of energy available to preserve the battery energy.

What is mioty®?

mioty® is a software based low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol that was developed to overcome today’s and future wireless connectivity limitations. With its best-in-class reliability and scalability, mioty® is designed for massive industrial and commercial IoT deployments.

The core innovation behind the mioty® technology is the Telegram Splitting Multiple Access (TSMA) method. As defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI TS 103 357), Telegram Splitting splits the data packets to be transported in the data stream into small sub-packets at the sensor level.

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