ResIOT® Open + Google Cloud Platform

ResIOT® Open is the right solution for your business. The ResIOT® OPEN license grants you unlimited access to all ResIOT® functionalities at no initial costs.
All offered cloud solutions are Google Cloud Based and can scale up or down without setup costs.
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Pricing table

CATEGORYNAMEVMCPUs per VMRAM per VMDisk SPACENumber of DisksLoad BalancersPrice per hourEstimated month priceInfosSignup


Included services:
  • Fully-managed and hosted ResIOT® IoT Platform and LoRaWAN™ Network Server services
  • Automatic set up and maintenance
  • Set up in under 10 minutes
  • One-click upgrade/downgrade when you want without setup costs
  • Pay as you go
  • Automatic updates
  • Automatic backup on your FTP

    In order to use the ResIOT® OPEN license, you will be billed monthly depending on the consumption of a unit called ResIOT® Units that we introduced along with the OPEN license.
    Your bill will vary depending on how many ResIOT® Units were consumed during the billing period.
    Here's how many ResIOT® Units each element costs:
    EntityCurrent Unit cost per entityOlder prices (for subscriptions up to February 05, 2019)
    Gateway ResIOT® Units / Hour0.120 ResIOT® Units / Hour
    Device ResIOT® Units / Hour0.001 ResIOT® Units / Hour
    Communication message* ResIOT® Units /Msg (FREE over Monthly units per device)0.001 ResIOT® Units /Msg (FREE over Monthly units per device)
    * A special note has to be made for communication messages. We're not going to charge all kind of communication. Only communications of type comm_rx and comm_gwtx will trigger an increase in number of Units consumed:
    1. comm_rx: this type of communication is triggered when an uplink message is received from a registered network device. Keep in mind however that if you receive an uplink from a device (even if via two or more gateways), a single comm_rx will be triggered, and so the number of consumed Units will increase once only as well.
      Also notice communication received from devices not registered on the network will not be charged or flagged as comm_rx, but as comm_gwrx instead. Non LoRa device uplink communications will be flagged as comm_rx.
    2. comm_gwtx: this kind of communication is triggered whenever one of your gateways is used by the network in order to reach one of your devices. They include downlink payloads along with all kind of LoRa commands needed for the network to operate correctly. Multicasts also imply a comm_gwtx trigger.
    A ResIOT® Unit's cost depends on the amount of units being spent. The more Units you spend, the less they're going to be expensive.
    Here's the detailed plan:
    Units volumeCurret Price per UnitOlder prices (for subscriptions up to February 05, 2019)
    UP TO RUnits. / $ 0.025 / € 0.022
    FROM RUnits TO RUnits. / $ 0.016 / € 0.013
    OVER RUnits. / $ 0.002 / € 0.002
    For a more advanced calculator of ResIOT® Units, feel free to visit our ResIOT® Unit Calculator.

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