Gateway Quick Start Guide & Manual

Choose your gateway model and check your hardware setup & components

Hardware Installation

What’s inside the box?
Gateway ports

Software Configuration

Gateway Default Parameters

The gateway is delivered with some essential parameters already preconfigured. Below you can find these values

.IP Address: (Static)
.SSH Credentials: root (Username), for Password see the documents inside your gateway pack
.ResIOT® Web Panel Address:
.ResIOT® Web Panel Password: resiot1234
.MAC Address: printed on silver label on your gateway (ex. 60B3D5DF5000)
.Gateway Serial: 0000 + MAC Address (ex. 000060B3D5DF5000)
.RGRA Serial (ResIOT® Gateway Remote Access server): see the documents inside your gateway pack
.Gateway Configuration: AUTO, manage and monitor your gateway on, ready to use ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server & IoT Platform FREE CLOUD VERSION (click here to access)

Step 1. Gateway Registration
to access remotely, manage and monitor your gateway on, ready to use ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server & IoT Platform FREE CLOUD VERSION

Click on this link to access the registration page (if you don’t have an account, please create a new one on our portal)

Inside your gateway box you should have received some documents with the RGRA Serial label sticked on them. Keep it next to you because it is necessary for the next step. The label looks like the one on the right.

In this example RGRA serial is

Paste your RGRA Serial inside the proper text box, like in the picture below and press the Add button. You can find your gateway RGRA Serial on a label pasted on the documents inside your gateway box. RGRA Serials will keep saved in this page for your account

You have now successfully registered your gateway! Proceed with the next steps of this guide to discover how to use your new device

Note: when you complete your gateway registration, a new table is generated at the bottom of the page. With this table you can get your gateways last statistics and access your devices form anywhere!
Below an output example

Step 2. Gateway Accessing & Network Configuration
Cabled Connection

Once the gateway is powered up, connect it with an Ethernet cable. The device IP address is It is configured to use static address by default. To access the gateway, configure your PC with a static IP address within the following range: –

Open your browser, visit and enter the web panel password (default is resiot1234 – we suggest to change it!).

After the login you can see your gateway dashboard and the main menu at the left side of the screen

Go to the Ethernet Setup menu and then press the blue button “Edit LAN Settings” at the center of the page, this will allow you to change the Network parameters. Press “Save and Activate configuration” to confirm the changes and wait few seconds to allow device to apply the new setup.

Modem 2G/3G/4G LTE Configuration

In case you have a Modem Device, you can setup the parameters by visiting the menu “Modem 4G/LTE Setup” on the left side of the screen and fill-in the box. Example below

Step 3. Gateway Use Modes

Inside the “Gateway Configuration” menu you can find all the available use modes for your device. Quick view below of their main configurations

(In this example the Auto configuration is active)

AUTO (Default)

Manage and monitor your gateway on, ready to use ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server & IoT Platform FREE CLOUD VERSION (click here to access)

ResIOT® Basestation Client

Connect your gateway to a ResIOT® Server (Cloud or On-premises) FREE, BUSINESS, CARRIER-GRADE versions. Below a quick guide on How to setup your ResIOT® Basestation Client with your ResIOT® Server

The first step is to get your gRPC host and API Token from your ResIOT® account. Sign into your ResIOT® server with your credentials

On the left menu visit Settings -> My settings
At the top of the page you will find your gRPC Host inside a green lightbox and your API V3 Gateway Token just below. Copy these 2 values for the next step

Access to your ResIOT® Merlin software installed on your gateway. On the main menu, visit the Gateway Configuration page. Press the green button “Add a gRPC Server configuration” and fill in the 2 boxes with the data got on the previous step. Press Save button to apply changes

The configuration is complete. Now just wait few seconds and your ResIOT® Server will auto-create the new gateway and will start to send packets for auto setup and recognition

ResIOT® Industrial IoT Box

On-premises ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server and ResIOT® IoT Platform all in a box with free unlimited license. Please wait up to 5 minutes after changing on this configuration for the first time in order to allow the gateway to start the ResIOT® Server. Below a quick guide on How to setup your ResIOT® IoT Box installation

Once activated the ResIOT® Industrial IoT Box mode, wait about 5 minutes and then visit http://[your_gateway_ip]:8088

The ResIOT® page will be displayed. Choose your language from the list and continue the setup

Create your new account on the ResIOT® platform. A new free license will be auto-created and connected to your account with unlimited devices! Your ResIOT® installation is ready to be used!

Semtech™ Packet Forwarder

Standard Semtech™ packet forwarder configuration

Optional Configurations

Firewall Configuration

If you need to configure your Firewall and you want to block unnecessary network traffic, please leave these IPs enabled for gateway remote managemente, ResIOT® Console and ResIOT® server(FREE, BUSINESS, CARRIER-GRADE)

  • for ResIOT® Cloud, Business/Carrier-grade or on-Premises you need also to add the IP of your ResIOT® server installation

How to install ResIOT® Base Station Client

We’re excited to announce the ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Base Station Gateway Client, a brand new tool from ResIOT you can install over your LoRaWAN® gateways.

Installing the ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Base Station Gateway Client will allow you to connect your LoRaWAN® gateway to our servers and to fully configure your LoRaWAN® gateway directly from the ResIOT core platform. Once installed and configured properly, you won’t need physical or remote access to your gateway anymore, or to edit json configuration files manually, the client will take care of it all for you!

Thanks to the ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Base Station Gateway Client, you will able to:

  • communicate with the API of our ResIOT® platform via a secure, gzip enabled(low traffic) GRPC connection
  • setup your gateway via ResIOT to connect automatically to the ResIOT platform
  • automatically retrieve a valid gateway ID from our servers
  • connect your gateway to network servers using TCP(via a Mosquitto protocol) instead of UDP
  • automatically provision your gateway to our ResIOT servers. You will be able to start seeing alive messages in your log in no time
  • remotely reboot your gateway
  • add/modify the frequency plan, power level, tx gain and location of your gateway
  • monitor your gateway resources remotely, such as RAM and CPU usage, free HD space and so on…
  • review your gateway status over the Stats -> Gateway Stats ResIOT® page
  • connect your gateway to multiple LoRaWAN® servers via udp
  • automatically retrieve updates from our servers, your tools will keep auto-updated!

After downloading and installing the ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Base Station Gateway Client, all you have to do is retrieving the IP of your gateway and visit the following page in your browser: http://[YOURHOST]:50056

The first time you access your page you will be prompted to choose a password.

How to configure a gateway with ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Base Station Gateway Client

Login to your Gateway web panel. At the top of the page you can find the “Change API Token and GRPC Host” section. You will need to fill in those fields to connect the gateway to the network server. The api token is needed for the platform to confirm which user the gateway belongs. The GRPC Host is needed for the gateway to know where the ResIOT Api server is running.

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