ResIOT® IoT Platform and LoRaWAN® Network Server Features

Large public networks, Small private networks or Embedded systems ?
ResIOT® IoT Platform provides all the necessary software to manage networks with millions of devices but also to manage small private network.
The entire platform can be installed on Linux or Windows server clusters but also on Embedded Arm, x86, x64 systems, as an all-in-one gateway. Below you will find all the software features of the ResIOT® IoT Platform.
ResIOT® is suitable for all LPWAN and IoT projects for Smart City or Industry 4.0 and can be used free of charge up to 15 Devices and 1 LoRaWAN™ Gateway.

ResIOT® Core IoT Application/Automation/Data adapters Server

Is the heart of the platform, manages all configured data, maintains the link with all ResIOT® LoRaWan™ Network Servers and all other connectors, provides a web interface for configuration but also for the creation of IoT projects, manages the data automation, data store in the database and many other features

ResIOT® LoRaWAN™ Network Server

Manages all the features of the LoRaWAN™ network, such as node authentication, encryption key maintenance, uplink management and downlink transmission through all the base stations / gateways of the LPWAN network

Dashboard/Control center

With ResIOT® dashboard widgets you can easily check the status of your network devices/gateways. You can have real-time charts, action buttons, images and maps with synoptic and location of devices and be notified immediately of any problems or events such as timeouts. Much more than a dashboard, a real control center

On-Premises or Cloud

All components of the ResIOT® Platform can be purchased in SaaS (Software as a service) on Cloud platforms such as OVH Cloud, AWS Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix, Azure managed by us or be installed by the customer with purchase of licenses annual or perpetual On-Premises

High Availability and Scalability

ResIOT® Platform was designed to ensure the security and availability of all data with support for redundancy, failover, workload balancing, high scalability and minimized affect on maintenance. ResIOT® Platform allows the management of millions of devices

LoRaWAN® ISM Bands

ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server supports all frequencies specified by LoRa-Alliance®. LoRaWAN Regional Parameters v1.02 and v1.1: EU 863..870, US 902..928, CN 779..787, EU 433, AU 915..928, CN 470..510, AS 923, KR 920. .926, IN 865..869

LoRaWAN® Nodes & Authentication

ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server supports Class A and C nodes with Activation-by-Personalization (ABP) or Over-the-Air Activation (OTAA) authentication. AES-128 encryption

LoRaWAN® functions for large networks

In installations of large city or industrial networks ResIOT® supports functions such as device sharing, simultaneous management of different networks with different SLAs, profiling of users with limitations in the use of gateways, traffic and the number of devices that can be used

Data Adapters & Connectors

Real time, simultaneous and persistent connections with multiple ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Severs and other connectors: MQTT Brokers client or server, Websockets, Azure IoT,AWS IoT, http pusher client or server, Sigfox™ backend and other network servers like TTN The Things Network

Infinity Automation

With ResIOT® Smart Scene and ResIOT® Advanced Scene with Lua 5.1 scripting language, you can build and setup all kinds of automation between IOT LoRaWAN® devices, Low Power Wide Area Network or standard protocols Tcp, Http, Curl devices


It is possible to schedule any type of event or action at configured intervals

Lua 5.1 Scripting

ResIOT® Platform integrates the Lua5.1 scripting language interpreter into the ResIOT® Smart Advanced Scene. In addition to the standard functions, more than 100 functions have been introduced to integrate with all the devices in the system, for parsing the payloads with hexadecimal management, bytes array, for saving data (eg temperature and humidity with dynamic creation of charts), to send downlinks, manage queues, create alerts, debug and much more

Asset management Tracking & Maps

ResIOT® Dashboard integrates a management system for Openstreetmap™ and Google Maps™ with which it is possible to monitor the position or the path of the devices

Alerts and Notifications

Built-in notification system on events: messages can be sent via email using private SMTP servers, with Telegram™ BOT or displayed directly on the ResIOT® dashboard. It is also possible to send messages through ResIOT® Smart Scene or Advanced Scene Lua5.1

Web interface

ResIOT® can be used from any Desktop, Tablet or Mobile device regardless of operating system. Bootstrap system compatible with the most popular internet browsers such as IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge and more

Data Store,RT Sending & Analysis

All action logs and uplink / downlink communication data are saved. It is possible to perform simple data analysis with ResIOT. In the case of external connectors such as Mqtt, Websocket, Htpp pusher or other data are simultaneously sent to all connected systems


Integrate ResIOT® inside any third-party software with any type of languages programming. More than 100 APIs available for the management of devices / gateways / Smart scenes / connectors and variables


ResIOT® Platform is available for Linux systems Debian/Ubuntu 32/64bit, Linux with ARM, Windows 64bit. There is an edition that can also be installed on embedded devices. ResIOT® Platform supports PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite databases

LoRaWAN® Private or/and Public LPWAN

ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server can be used for the development of Public, Private or Combined LPWAN networks. The network operator provides public gateways/base stations, but also allows their customers to also connect private gateways to increase coverage

IoT preconfigured devices

Thanks to the ResIOT® IoT Model component we have pre-configured several IoT devices inside the platform to simplify use in plug-and-play mode. Some manufacturers: Ascoel, Multitech, Adeunis, Elsys, etc. With the wizard you can quickly connect the devices and immediately start to use them without complex configurations of payload decoding

LoRaWAN® Adaptive data rate (ADR)

ResIOT® LoRaWAN® Network Server supports Adaptive data rate (ADR) for all available frequencies

ResIOT® LoRaWAN™ Base Station/Gateway Server

It is the main component for connection to all the LoRaWAN™ Base Station / Gateway of the network. Allows the receipt and transmission of all data from the LoRaWAN™ devices and collects the monitoring data of each Base Station / Gateway. ResIOT® LoRaWAN Base Station / Gateway Server communicates with ResIOT® LoRaWan Network Server and ResIOT® IoT Application / Automation / Data adapters Server with MQTT protocol

Full support to all Base Stations/Gateways

Supports all Base Station / Gateway with UDP Semtech Packet forwarder v.1 and v.2. For the most well-known Base stations/Gateway (Multitech, Kerlink, etc.) we have developed a software called ResIOT® LoRaWAN Packet Forwarder that allows to improve the communication and to have the complete monitoring of the gateways

High Availability and Scalability

In a large network it is possible to install multiple components


Available for Linux systems Debian/Ubuntu 32/64bit, Linux with ARM, Windows 64bit.

ResIOT® LoRaWAN™ Base Station/Gateway Packet forwarder

It is the component that is installed on the Base Station / Gateway. It allows the management of the LoRa radio cards, takes care of the transmission and reception of all data and communicates constantly with the ResIOT® component LoRaWAN™ Base Station / Gateway Server. Available for Multitech Ftdi, Multitech SPI, Kerlink Ftdi, IMST + Raspberry SPI and others gateways. It also allows to remotely configure data such as gain antenna, frequencies, server connection parameters, etcc

Data management of the LoRa radio card

Allow all data to be sent and received via the LoRa radio card, check for collisions during sending

Autoprovisioning, Remote control & web interface

With the ResIOT® Autoprovisioning functionality, the gateway automatically configures itself to the LoRaWAN™ network without the need for other interventions. The gateway is completely manageable remotely. It also has a practical web control interface


Constant monitoring of the Base Station / Gateway of Cpu, Ram, Disk, Errors with sending alerts and notifications

ResIOT® Live Update

ResIOT® Live Update is installed together with all components of the ResIOT IoT Platform and keeps the system up-to-date with the latest software versions. Notify me when new updates are available and if configured can start independently at scheduled times

ResIOT® Mobile App IOS/Android

ResIOT® Core IOT Application is also accessible from a mobile app for Android or IOS. You can access the Cloud SaaS network as well as your private network with an On-Premises license. Customized App creation service available for access to your network. Install it by following the links below

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