Become a ResIOT® Partner

ResIOT® is a 100% Italian IoT platform, already present on the internet of things market for years and widely used in projects of smart city, smart agriculture, industry 4.0 and much more. The software and all its features are easy to use and easy to sell too! For this reason, we are now offering you our Partner Program

Our partner program can be an excellent point of improvement for your products and business projects. Thanks to ResIOT® you can increase the safety and scalability of your ideas by offering your customers a cutting-edge solution both in terms of technology and in terms of ease of use.

The world first platform for professional LoRaWAN®/LPWAN Networks and IoT Projects

Our software is without doubt one of the best IoT solutions that can be found on the market. Working in this sector for years has allowed us to improve our product gradually making it suitable for any practical use case.

It’s all about finding a winning idea and you’re done!

With ResIOT ® it is possible:

  • create and manage highly scalable LoRaWAN® networks
  • have a fully programmable IoT platform
  • take advantage of flexible and customizable user licenses

excellent solution for Carrier-Grade telecommunication environments
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Training and Technical Support

We organize training meetings to show the platform in order to illustrate the potential of the software and allow on-site training for our partners.We often use tools such as web-meetings and video calls to allow remote training of operators, reducing costs and optimizing time.

We also provide an excellent technical and commercial support service. Through the ticketing system of our platform you can send your requests and get in touch with one of our operators.

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