ADEUNIS: Temperature Devices TEMP ARF8180BA

ADEUNIS: Temperature Devices TEMP ARF8180BA 150 150 ResIOT®

ADEUNIS Temperature Devices TEMP


TEMP is a device model produced by Adeunis. It is used to detect the temperature values both for internal and external applications.

The radio transmission is based on LoRaTM long range technology at a frequency of 868MHz.

This device allows local and remote configurations. It can send an average of values over a given period. The battery consumption is controlled for optimized autonomy.



Technical Features

Frequency 868MHz
Modulation LoRaTM
Internal temperature range -30 +70 (+/- 0,1)
External temperature range -55 + 155 ° (+/- 0,1)
Dimensions 105 x 50 x 27 mm
Housing IP67 (IP68 on request)
Integrated fixing system Rail-DIN, tube, wall, collar
Zone LoRaWAN: EU863-870
Operating Temperature Range -20 ° C / + 75 ° C
Standards Directive 2014/53 / EU (RED)
Other options Product error alert, configuration error, low battery, Configurable Life Screen

ResIOT Fully Preconfigured Model Uplink/Downlink

Node Fields/Tags Events
ExtHighHysteresis InternalSensorFailure
ExtLowThreshold InternalHighAlarmActivation
ExtLowHysteresis InternalHighAlarmDisactivation
IntHighThreshold InternalLowAlarmActivation
IntHighHysteresis InternalLowAlarmDisactivation
IntLowThreshold ExternalSensorFailure
IntLowHysteresis ExternalHighAlarmActivation
IntSampling ExternalHighAlarmDisactivation
HighAlarmInt ExternalLowAlarmActivation
LowAlarmInt ExternalLowAlarmDisactivation
HighAlarmExt LowBattery
LowAlarmExt HardwareError
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