UBIQ IOT: Weather Station WS-100

UBIQ IOT: Weather Station WS-100 150 150 ResIOT®

UBIQ IOT Weather station WS-100


Derived from the DAVIS Vantage Pro 2 model, the Weather Station LoRaWAN UBIQ-IoT WS100LRW is designed to provide the highest level of accuracy, reliability and ruggedness. It is engineered to withstand the most challenging weather conditions such as scorching sun, corrosion, strong winds and temperature extremes.
It measures air temperature and relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction and solar radiation. The LoRaWAN transmission technology allows to cover long range distances, providing stable and reliable readings. The weather station connect over a private LoRaWAN network and transmits sensor data to a LoRaWAN Gateway.

The low energy consumption allows for battery duration of at leat one year.

Technical Features

Manufacturer UBIQ IOT
Manufacturer Code WS-100
Frequency AS923, AU915-928, EU863-870, US902-928
Modulation LoRaWAN™
Supply Internal battery LI-SOCL2
Operating Temperature 0°C to 65°C

ResIOT Fully Preconfigured Model Uplink/Downlink

Node Fields
Solar radiation
Wind speed
Wind direction
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