UBIQ IOT: Soil Moisture SN-100

UBIQ IOT Soil Moisture SN-100


The exclusive UBIQ-IoT SN100LRW protocol LoRaWAN sensor node can be used to deploy sensors in the field. Soil moisture content, air humidity and temperature sensors can equip the LoRaWAN sensor node. The node can host up to 5 sensors: 4 soil moisture Meter Group ECH2O 10HS and one Davis DW-6830 air humidity and temperature probe.

The nodes connect over a private LoRaWAN network and transmit the data to a LoRaWAN Gateway.

The nodes are powered with long-life batteries and the low energy consumption allowing the batteries to run for more than one year.

ResIOT Preconfigured Model

Technical Features

Manufacturer UBIQ IOT
Manufacturer Code SN-100
Frequency AS923, AU915-928, EU863-870, US902-928
Modulation LoRaWAN™
Supply Internal battery LI-SOCL2
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C

ResIOT Preconfigured Model

ResIOT Fully Preconfigured Model Uplink/Downlink

Node Fields
Soil Moisture x 4
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