Decentlab: Liquid Level / Pressure and Temperature G1/4” or NPT1/4” screw thread



A piezoresistive sensor element measures pressure in liquids. It is a perfect sensor for a variety of long term water level monitoring applications. G1/4” or NPT1/4” screw thread for mounting on pipelines, tanks, etc. This sensor is a cost-effective solution for applications where precision, low-power, and resistance rating is needed. Absolute or relative pressure sensor for leveling  

ResIOT Preconfigured Model

Technical Features

Manufacturer Decentlab GmbH
Manufacturer Code Pressure based level sensor
Frequency EU863-870
Enclosure Weatherproof, impact and UV- resistant polyecarbonate enclosure
Modulation LoRaWAN™
Supply Internal baterye 2 x C-tyepe Alkaline
Dimension LoRaWAN sensor device: 80 x 135 x 70 mm Sensor: 21 mm diameter, 73 mm length
Operating Temperature -30°C to 60°C

ResIOT Preconfigured Model

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