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Strega: Smart Valve Devices 150 150 ResIOT®

Strega Smart Valve DeviceDescription

Smart Valve is a LoRaWAN™ device for the monitoring of water. With its ultra-low-power consumption, the valve can operate during 10+ years. With the additional Digital Input connected to a water moisture sensor, is possible to turn off the valve at the main line stopping eventuals leak and at the same time send an alarm to your smartphone.

The radio transmission is based on LoRaWAN™ long range technology at EU868MHz/EU433MHz, US915 MHz.


 Technical Features

Manufacturer Strega
Manufacturer Code Smart Valve
Frequency EU868MHz/EU433MHz, US915 MHz.
Transmit Power 20dBm
Modulation LoRaTM
Power Supply 3,6V / 3600mAh 3,6V lithium battery
Dimension DN15 / DN80 pipe sections (1/2” –  3”)
Temperature range -5°< T < +70°C

ResIOT Fully Preconfigured Model Uplink

Node Fields Events
 BatteryVoltage  ValveOpen
 Tamper  ValveClose
 Valve  TamperOpen
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