Nke Watteco: Sens’O Wireless Devices


Sens’O is a LoRaWAN™ device that can be used for the transmission of data index and alarms from water meter.

This device via LoRaWAN™ measures the level of the water and it can be used for the management of the water resources.

The radio transmission is based on LoRaWAN™ long range technology at EU863-870 MHz.



ResIOT Preconfigured Model

 Technical Features

Manufacturer Nke Watteco
Manufacturer Code Sens’O
Frequency EU863-870
Transmit Power 14dBm
Modulation LoRaTM
Power Supply 3,6V / 3600mAh 3,6V lithium battery
Dimension 84 x 82 x 85 mm
Temperature range -20°< T < +50°C

ResIOT Preconfigured Model

ResIOT Fully Preconfigured Model Uplink

Node Fields Events
Volume FreezeAlarmOn
FreezeStatus FreezeAlarmOff
FraudStatus BackWaterLevel1AlarmOn
InstallStatus BackWaterLevel1AlarmOff
BatteryStatus BackWaterLevel2AlarmOn
BackWaterLevel1 BackWaterLevel2AlarmOff
BackWaterLevel2 BackWaterLevel3AlarmOn
BackWaterLevel3 BackWaterLevel3AlarmOff
LeakStatus LeakStatusOn
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