ResIOT: LoRaWan Multicast Class C ABP with Multitech mdot

mdot Multitech Multicast LoRaWan ResIOT

This is an example of LoRaWan Multicast with @ResIOT_Server + MultiTech gateway Conduit + mdot

With the Multicast term, we mean the simultaneous distribution of information to a group of nodes or sensor. It allows to transmit the same information to more final devices. This possibility avoid the user to direct the information to every single device. On more, the user don’t have to duplicate the information for each device.

There is a wide range of  possible application of LoRaWan multicast. The most common use is the lighting control. Thanks to multicast, the user can control all the lighting devices at the same time


  • 5x Multitech mdot  (Multitech)
  • 1x LoRaWan Gateway: MultiTech Conduit


  • ResIOT Network Server
  • ResIOT Application/Automation Server




ResIOT LoRaWan Multicast ResIOT LoRaWan Multicast

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