Turbo Technologies Corporation: TBS-220 Geomagnetic Vehicle Detector

Turbo Technologies Corporation: TBS-220 Geomagnetic Vehicle Detector 150 150 ResIOT®


TBS-220 Geomagnetic Vehicle DetectorTBS-220 geomagnetic vehicle detector is fully compatible with LoRaWAN™ technology. It takes about 6~8 seconds to detecting car presences and send parking spaces status (battery information, alarm information, detecting information) through the LoRaWAN network. TBS-220 is usually used in smart parking projects which helps to improve the utilization rate of parking spaces, and helps drivers to find parking spaces easily.

BS-220 designed for car parks where drilling is not allowed, the vehicle detector can be easily fixed onto the road surface and replacement can be done easily by removing the detector. Once installed, no maintenance is required for years. It can easily be installed in on-street parking spaces or off-street parking spaces.


 Technical Features

Manufacturer Turbo Technologies Corporation
Manufacturer Code TBS-220
Frequency 433MHz/470MHz/780MHz/868MHz/920MHz
Maximum transmit Power 14 dBm
Modulation LoRaTM (Class A)
Power Supply Built-in 3.6 V lithium battery
Dimension Diameter 150 mm, height 25.5 mm
Temperature range -40℃ < T < +85℃

ResIOT Fully Preconfigured Model Uplink

Node Fields Events Commands
FrameType ParkingSlotEmpty SendParameterFrame
FrameCount ParkingSlotOccupied Reset
StatusIndex  StrongMagneticInterference Update (Firmware)
Status  LowVoltageAlarm HeartBeatInterval
ParkFlag  DetectionFailure CalibMode
BatteryLevelPerc  SensorDamage SetSensitivity
BatteryLevelinVolt SetWorkingMode
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