IoT Platform and LoRaWAN™ Network Server On-Premises or Cloud

The world first platform for professional LoRaWAN™/LPWAN Networks and IoT Projects for Smart City or Industry 4.0. Cost-effective High availability and scalability
ResIOT™ is suitable for all LPWAN and IoT projects and can be used free of charge up to 15 Devices and 1 LoRaWAN™ Gateway
ResIOT Dashboard Pie Chart and Google Maps

What can you do with ResIOT™?


Create your Public or Private LoRaWAN Network

In Cloud with ready-to-use solutions including VPN in over 50 regions worldwide Google Cloud, AWS .. or in On-Premise

Real-time Network monitoring

Manage your Base stations / Gateways (stats, updates…)

Manage your devices (configuration, timeout & alerts)

Security management (user identification, message encryption…)

High availability and scalability

Multi-tenant architecture

Full customer profiles and permits management

Specific software for the most common gateway models that includes advanced OpenVPN management for a reliable connection

Remote configuration and advanced analysis of radio channels for an optimal gateways workload management

Support for all LoRaWAN regions: EU 863..870, US 902..928, CN 779..787, EU 433, AU 915..925, CN 470..510, AS 923, KR 920..926, IN 865..869


Advanced development environment and management tools

Real-time Dashboarding

Real-time eventsalerts & notifications management

Lua 5.1 scripting with +100 ResIOT™ dedicated functions

Infinity Automation

Integration towards other applications thanks to the REST API

Plug&Play devices

Support for multiple protocols and different data formats (mqtt, websocket, modbus…)

Simultaneous and persistent connections with multiple connectors: MQTT Brokers client or server, Websockets, http pusher client or server, Sigfox™ backend and other network servers


Develope an entire application in a few minutes thanks to Lua scripting, events, triggers, API, e-mail & Telegram notifications, dashboard widgets and data connectors

Reduced Time-to-Market for all kinds of IoT projects like Intelligent Lighting System, Smart Metering, Air quality, building monitors, Asset management Tracking & Maps, Water quality management

Smart parking for people with disabilitiesSee a full example with source code for a Smart Parking application for people with disabilities with Android/Ios App and simple Lua scripts


Cloud or On-Premises

Free up to 15 Devices and 1 Gateway in Cloud

Free up to 5 Devices and 1 Gateway on-premises

OPEN license: no initial costs, no restrictions, pay as you go!

Cloud service in Google Cloud/AWS/Ovh in 50 regions supported and ready to go with OpenVPN support for gateway

Available for Linux systems Debian/Ubuntu 32/64 bit, Linux with ARM, Windows 64 bit

Discover our 'all-in-one' solutions in collaboration with AAEON®: Network Server and Application Server on a single Gateway!

Data Flow

ResIOT™ IoT Platform and LoRaWAN™ Network Server – Data Flow Diagram

Latest News

ResIOT® & mioty® Alliance membership

ResIOT® & mioty® Alliance membership We are happy to announce our latest membership with mioty® mioty® is a software based low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol that was developed to overcome today’s and future wireless connectivity limitations. With its best-in-class reliability and scalability, mioty® is designed for massive industrial and commercial…

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ResIOT® & mioty® Alliance membership
ResIOT® & KPN IoT Partnership

ResIOT® & KPN IoT Partnership

ResIOT® & KPN IoT Partnership Our team is happy to announce a close partnership with KPN IoT! This will provide top quality GLOBAL connectivity to our devices in more than 180 Countries. All our LTE gateways will be delivered with embedded ChipSIM ready to be activated. is our new…

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ResIOT™ Smart Parking Simulation!

ResIOT™ Smart Parking Simulation! Last week, at the IOTHINGS 2019 Milan fair, we exhibited our prototype for the simulation of ResIOT™ Smart Parking! We used a Lego London Bus with a Sky Light Sensor and a 868MHz gateway. This hardware combined with our ResIOT™ Platform and the ResIOT™ Smart Parking…

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ResIOT™ Smart Parking Simulation!

ResIOT™ Video

See ResIOT™ IoT Platform in action in this video

ResIOT™ Mobile App IOS/Android

ResIOT™ Core IOT Application is also accessible from a mobile app for Android or IOS. You can access the Cloud SaaS network as well as your private network with an On-Premises license. Customized App creation service available for access to your network. Install it by following the links below
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