LoRaWan™ IOT LPWAN Automation Project

Easily Collect, Analyze and Automate Data of LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) with ResIOT

Connectors and data flow

Real time and persistent connections with external network servers, MQTT Brokers, Websockets and Kafka. Sync your devices and data with our API

Built-in LoRaWan™ Network Server

Don't worry about not having a network server. ResIOT has a ready for use, built-in one. ABP/OTAA, Classes A+C and ADR are supported

Infinity Automation

With smart scenes and the integrated Lua scripting language, you can build and setup all kinds of automation between LoRaWan™ devices

Easily manage your devices

ResIOT gives you the ability to manage all kinds of LoRaWan™ devices. Track data in real time with minimal setup. Simple Rx Payload parsing and Tx handling with our Lua scripting system. Also, browse through a whole list of preset devices

Build your projects quickly

ResIOT lets you focus on what matters most: solving real problems instead of wasting time on setting up your network. Triggers, Scenes, Scripts, Data management are only a few of the things you can do with ResIOT

Manufacturer and Reseller ready

If you're a manufacturer, reseller, ResIOT allows you build clients and partners networks and to easily deploy your preconfigured devices to them

Alerts and Notifications

Don't miss what's important with our built-in notification system! From Emails to Telegram messages, you can also script your own notifications with our Scenes system


With our set of routines, protocols and tools you can integrate ResIOT inside any third-party software at your disposal

Fast and easy

With ResIOT it's easy to build powerful and reliable projects quickly.

  • Professional fast reponsive and easy-to-use web interface
  • Setting up your first device takes only a few seconds
  • Limitless flexibility and adaptability with our integrated scripting system
  • Infinite possiblities: imagination is your only limit
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  • Fast and easy
  • Mobile Support

    Spend less time worrying about front-end and more focusing on your products and projects and plans.

    • Professional and state of the art easy-to-use app
    • Now available on the App Store and Play Store!
    • It only takes a few seconds to connect your phone to your network
    • Act and take measures based on data right through your phone
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  • Mobile Support
  • Constant Updates

    Our team is always hard at work to make the product better.

    • Stay up to date with the latest IOT technologies
    • New features every day
    • Fast and effective assistance
    • We listen to your feedback
    Constant Updates
  • Constant Updates
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      See our range of solutions for your projects

      ResIOT FREE
      $Free /
      Ideal to start with LoRaWan and IOT
      1 AppEUI
      15 Nodes/Sensors ABP/OTAA Class A+C
      1 Websocket Connector For External Network Server
      1 MQTT Connector For External Network Server
      Use Of Internal Network Server ABP/OTAA Class A+C With ADR Support (Eu Band 868 Mhz)
      1 Gateway (UDP Packet Forwarder V1 And V2)
      1 Month Data Retention
      5 Smart Scene Automation With Triggers
      Web Service API
      Notifications By EMail
      Websocket Server
      Timeout Notifications Service
      Mobile APP Android & IOS
      Instant Activation
      ResIOT PoC
      $ //aa
      Ideal for LoRaWan proof of concept projects
      Everything In FREE Including:
      Unlimited AppEUI
      30 Nodes/Sensors ABP/OTAA Class A+C
      3 Gateway (UDP Packet Forwarder V1 And V2)
      6 Months Data Retention
      50 Smart Scene Automation With Triggers
      50 Advanced Scene Scripting In LUA 5.1
      Notifications By Telegram©
      Ticket Support Premium
      SLA 99.9%
      Upgrade To ResIOT PRO
      ResIOT PRO
      $ /
      Ideal for professionals and reseller
      Everything In ResIOT PoC, Including:
      Unlimited Nodes/Sensors ABP/OTAA Class A+C
      Unlimited Gateways (UDP Packet Forwarder V1 And V2)
      100 Smart Scene Automation With Triggers
      100 Advanced Scene Scripting In LUA 5.1
      Multiuser: 5 Utenti included but expandable
      Ticket Support Gold
      SLA 99.99%

      Mobile App

      ResIOT is now available on Google Play and on the App Store


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      ResIOT has been researched and developed by UblSoftware limited company, an Italian start-up.
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