NETVOX: R311G Wireless Light Devices

NETVOX: R311G Wireless Light Devices 150 150 ResIOT®

NETVOX R311G Wireless Light Devices


R311G is a device with a built-in photosensitive sensor, used for the detection of ambient light intensity.

The radio transmission is based on the new disruptive LoRaTM long range technology at 868 MHz, 865MHz, 915MHz, 920MHz e 923MHz.

This device reports periodically the light level and it can work with other devices to perform wireless dimming functions.

The detecting range of the light sensor is 1 ~ 3000 Lux.



 Technical Features

Manufacturer Netvox
Manufacturer Code R311G
Frequency AS923, US915.2-915.9, EU868, AU915.2-915.9, KR920, IN865
Brightness Detecting Range 1~3000LUX
Modulation LoRaTM
Network Protocol LoRaWAN v1.0
Battery 2 x CR2450 3V button batteries
Temperature range -10°< T < +50°C
Humidity Max 95%
Dimension 57mm × 35mm × 15mm

ResIOT Fully Preconfigured Model Uplink

Node Fields Events
BatteryVoltage LowBatteryOn
Lux LowBatteryOff
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